Monday, July 6, 2015

Back to Reality

Today I reentered reality after Convergence.  Not only did I spend four days there, but this year I volunteered for 25 hours.  It was actually considered 45 because you can double the hours put in during setup.  That doesn't exactly guarantee me a hotel room at the convention next year, but it is more likely, and I did get a t-shirt.  But how did the rest of the convention go?

It ran smoothly.  This is my fourth year attending, and the first without a major snafu.  I think this year the staff operating it shifted their focus from making it bigger and better to making what they have work.  It makes total sense considering they really can't hold more people than they have now.

I found the panels and guests of honor to be a little less compelling than before.  There were also several more political panels than before.  That's definitely a down side for me, since I am more conservative, and the majority of guests and panelists are very liberal.  This wouldn't stop me from attending in the future, because you can have a lot of fun at the convention without ever going to a panel.

Gaming is getting huge there.  They had a ton of demo copies of every board game you've ever heard of lent by local game stores.  I got roped into an RPG at one point that ended up lasting six hours.  It was my first RPG, and it wasn't that great.  I could clearly see the problems though, and could see myself enjoying the right RGP with the right group in the future.

The rest was the same as my previous years, which is awesome.  Many people there were dressed as their favorite characters from all over the sci-fi and fantasy spectrum.  Many were under dressed as them.  As always, it was just fun hanging out with people interested in the same things I am.

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