Thursday, July 16, 2015

ABC’s of Advice

My summer session writing instructor gave us an exercise to write either a 26-word or 26-sentence speech to give to a graduating class. The words or sentences were to begin with the letters of the alphabet, A through Z, in order. And then she gave us 10 or 15 minutes to write the speech. "Go," she said. I finished, and think there is some good advice here ( it's unretouched ). What do you think?

Always be open to new ideas.
Be able to create your own situation, your own story.
Centaurs don’t actually exist, but serve useful roles in fiction.
Dinosaurs were the stars of Jurassic Park.
Every one of you has what you need to be successful in this world.
Decide who you want to be/what your person is.
Every time you have opportunity, chase your passion.
Fight the tendency to give in.
Give your best in all circumstances.
Have open eyes and ears and being.
Illuminate life for others.
Judge others not.
Kick yourself in the backside when tempted to give up.
Live for the moment.
Miss no opportunities to be kind.
Neglect no one.
Oppose the idea that there are groups, us and them.
Promote unity in everything.
Quit doing things and being with people who suck your energy.
Spend time with people and doing things that give you energy.
Together, with and in community, support and build up one another.
Unite your skills and your people.
Victimize nobody.
Whenever you have a win, celebrate it, no matter how small the win.
X – let it mark the spot you want to stand, and then stand there.
Y are you waiting for my permission to start?
Zoom out, now, and get going on your life!
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