Sunday, May 17, 2015

Entreaty for a Post-Easter Retreat

An annual retreat is coming
the Thursday after Easter.
Last year’s gifts were many,
they still delight my soul.

What to do this year ...
What is it that I seek?

I want to ask you, God,
to help me grow once more;
to expand my heart and mind
to know for sure that You’re there.

Dare I ask so much so soon
right after celebrating Easter,
the greatest spiritual event of all?
How dare I frame the question?

“Well, yes, I dissed Easter,
did Lent without growth,
but now … I ask Your help
for my second annual retreat?”

But truly I worked at Lent;
praying, fasting, giving alms,
giving You your due and
hoping, too, I might benefit.

Easter is arriving,
the retreat follows;
both of them excite me
please open me to grace.
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