Saturday, April 25, 2015

Finding out About a Flexible Nib Fountain Pen

My post is late ( again ) and this time the only excuse I have is that I'm addicted to fountain pens, as you know if you're a regular reader of this post, and I've spent too much time with a new fountain pen experience.

Among the reasons for this passion for fountain pens is my interest in handwriting, lettering, the art of writing; in a word, "Calligraphy." My interest is such that I was a professional calligrapher, at one time receiving ( very ) small monetary compensation for wedding invitations, lettering names on certificates, and miscellaneous other commissions.

Years have passed. Still, I occasionally get out my felt tip calligraphy pen and play a bit.   I usually use this pen for the name of the recipient on the envelope of our Christmas cards. And I've continued to be curious about the flex nibs available for some fountain pens. These flex nibs change the line width of the pen  due to varying writing pressure on the pen.

Sometime in 2014 the Noodler's Ink Company added a flex-nib pen with a so-called "music nib" to its lineup of regular and flex nib pens. The music nib is a three-tined nib, designed to make sure the ink flow keeps up with the writing. Reviewers said it was a large pen, and warned that the price point would be significantly higher than that of the rest of the Noodler's lineup. They also raved about both the beauty of the pen and its writing characteristics. I was hooked; I wanted one; both its beauty and its size called to me; so did the flexible nib.

As the reviewers predicted, everybody wanted one of these. All the sites I checked were out of stock. I registered with several who said they'd notify me when they had stock again. Weeks passed; no notification.

Waiting for such a notice, I decided it might be prudent to try another of Noodler's flex nib pens ... get one at the lower price point to see if I even liked the reality of a flex nib pen. I knew I liked the idea; I truly wasn't sure how the reality would strike me.

I ordered a Noodler's Ahab flex nib pen; it came a day earlier than I was expecting it, and that is why this post is late. My free time since then has been pretty much devoted to playing and writing with it, checking out its writing characteristics. 

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It's been fun, maybe a bit too much so. And I've barely scratched the surface, I'm afraid.
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