Monday, January 5, 2015

What-Cha Watch'n?

I write this from my bedroom floor, all my furniture now in storage.  Last night was my last night off before my trip.  I traded a couple of days with a coworker in order to extend my trip, leaving me working these ten nights in a row before I leave.

I thought now would be a good time to tell you folks what's good on youtube, or at least what I like.  My job involves a lot of monitoring stuff, so some of what I watch are chosen because they only need 90% of my attention.  I could go on all day, so I'll give a top ten, in no particular order.

I imagine I could learn to create something artistic someday.  Currently I'm thinking about drawing, and this guy has very good educational videos on the subject.  I do realize that actually drawing would be a better start.

This is an example of video's about Thailand.  I've been watching this type of videos because thinking about my impending trip makes me happy.  Other videos I watch are just people walking around Bangkok and such.  I'm sure I will stop watching in ten days.

These are animated and fairly professionally done.  They talk about a TV show.  I'm note sure it they were able to get that aired.  I don't actually have a TV.  They're what some people would call "bleeding edge".  They do push comedy too far, and end up no longer funny.  It's still well worth watching for the videos that are crazy funny.

This is posted to Geek & Sundry.  It's hosted by Wesley Crusher, sometimes called Wil Wheaton, and is just about minor celebrities playing board games.  I've discovered several board games watching.  It's produced by Felicia Day, who fills in when they're short a person.  In my opinion, she should fill in more often.

She is very popular, so any description might be unnecessary.  She projects a very likable persona, and is often very funny.  She usually puts good effort into her videos, and posts every week.  I'd start with any of her "What your * means" videos.

She was once pretty popular too, but she's not as talented as Jenna.  She can be funny, but doesn't put as much effort into her videos.  She's just generally likable too, so you really can't go wrong.

Christina Rad
She is also likable, also funny, and has a hot Romanian accent.  I'd listen to her read the phone book.  Many, if not most, of her videos are about Atheism.

This guy is entertaining, and insightful.  Not every video is a gem, but the ones that are, are laugh out loud, and illustrate his point perfectly.  It's hard to pick just one to recommend, but I would say, start with If God Were a Car.

Creationist Cat
Just funny Atheist videos.  Not insightful or anything, but who doesn't like cat videos?

They read the Bible verbatim, and make fun of it.  I consider that educational and entertaining.  They also make fun of those little Christian comics people leave lying around.

You may think four out of ten are a lot of Atheist videos, but they make an even greater percentage of what I watch.  I could go on, and will if anyone's interested.

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