Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Other Side of the World - #1

A week after my whirlwind journey began, it has slowed to a gentle breeze here on the beach.  This is how I saw my trip, and it is how I'll be spending the next three weeks.  Not necessarily on the beach mind you, but going where I want, when I want, at the pace I want.

The journey over consisted of a total of twenty-one hours flight time, with plenty of hurry up and wait in-between.  It didn't bother me so much because it was all carrying me closer to paradise.  Some of it was even pleasant.  I slept about twelve hours of it, and was able to re-watch one of the new Cosmos.  Plus the drinks were free.  I would highly recommend ANA airlines.

There was one extended layover in Japan which I was looking forward to.  That's where I met my cousin, who would be joining me for the first few days of my trip.  He's similar in age to me, but just far enough away that we weren't children at the same time.  I'm sure it would not have taken us thirty years to get together for an adventure if we had been.

Tokyo was fun to see it, but the logistics didn't quite work out well.  My understanding was that a big enough city never sleeps, but Tokyo does appear to get a good eight hours in every night; which is understandable.  Or maybe I was just not in the right places.  That and travel time, and it was a Saturday; we were left with about five hours to see a couple of things.

He did not have a clear destination, so I suggested we check out a maid cafe.  My understanding was that it would be something like a Hooters, but with legs instead of boobs, and might be themed somehow.

We did find a couple, but chose not to partake.  It turns out they do wear cutesy maid outfits, and show lots of leg, but most of the cuteness came from the the fact that they all seemed to be thirteen to fifteen years old.

Now nothing nefarious appeared to be going on mind you.  Seeing a young girl's legs is not shocking, and no one seemed to be doing any touching.  I'm not calling them out, but it wasn't for us.  And who knows?  Maybe that was just their theme, and maybe others have older girls.

We did poke around a few shops, and arcades, but our time was short.  My continued exploration of Tokyo would have to wait three and a half weeks.  We were off to Thailand, but that's another blog post, or maybe ten.

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