Friday, September 5, 2014

How to Feed Myself - #3

I have now been on this diet for fourteen weeks, and have lost sixteen pounds.  I've lost about forty percent of the weight I'd like to, and plan to reach my goal by the end of the year.

I've learned a bit about food, and my own eating habits while on this diet.  The simple calorie counting diet i chose doesn't limit me to any specific foods, but just by limiting the amount, i find myself cutting out foods that are not good enough to waste my calories on.

Bread is a big one.  A classic Arby's roast beef sandwich has 150 calories in the roast beef, and 210 calories in the bun.  The bun is nice, but it's no roast beef.  An easy way for me to cut calories is to combine two, and feed one of the buns to the birds.

Another surprise on the same sandwich is the sauce.  An Arby's sauce packet has 15 calories, while a horsey sauce packet of equal size has 50.  Both are full of flavor, but you could have over three times the Arby's sauce for the same calories.

Mayo is a big one for restaurants.  I never bought it at home, and i never really thought about it before.  Now that i am, the calories per ounce are ridiculous.  It's good, but not that good.  An easy cut.

Even though i'm eating less, i find myself spending just as much, maybe more.  I used to spend a dollar or two on a big bag of candy.  Now i find myself spending twice as much on half the candy so i'll be more satisfied with less.  And in general, more quality ingredients because i will be tasting it, and won't be tasting anything else soon.

I've found that these natural trade offs almost always seem like healthy decisions to me.  Most people agree these days that you shouldn't be getting most of your calories from bred.  I assume jelly beans flavored with real fruit and such are healthier than those artificially flavored.

I haven't noticed a major change in my budget, or how healthy i feel.  As always, time will tell.

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