Monday, September 22, 2014

93 Days, Get Crack'in

Is it too early to get the jump on your Christmas list?  Is that even possible?  A thoughtful present doesn't happen by accident.  Here are a few ideas for gifts that can be purchased under $40.

Stuff they want, but never buy for themselves.

  • Pepper Grinder / Sea Salt Grinder
  • Do they drink cheap coffee or tea?  Maybe get them the good stuff.
  • You can get a little bit of real perfume or cologne made from real flowers in the $30 range.  Even an ounce will last months.  If you're unsure, consider a pack of samplers off of Ebay.


  • Antique stores have stuff from when you were a kid.  Get over it, and buy that Star Wars lunch box.
  • Ebay and sites like it are great too.  The price went down on a lot of collectibles when the internet showed us how common they really were.

Something they can't afford. (No, I'm not talking about breaking the bank)

  • I'm suggesting things like tickets to a luxury parade of homes.
  • Or how about a nice knock-off of a luxury brand.

Something you do vs. something you have.

  • Studies show that spending money on something you do like a concert usually brings more happiness per dollar than something you have like a Walkman.

  • Have you noticed they own something that they love?  Maybe that thing could use an accessory.
  • Maybe you notice they have nice nails, or feet, or a car.  These things don't happen by accident.  They care about those things, so buy them a manicure, or a deluxe car wash and wax.
More is better; find a good deal.

  • Places like Groupon, or Living Social will stretch your buck.
  • Where I live there's a place that sells packs of discount dining cards. 
  • There are places online to buy unwanted gift cards at a discount.  For example you can get a $50 Buca di Beppo gift card for $40 at Cardpool.

And remember folks, it's the thought that counts...
So put some thought into it!

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