Monday, August 11, 2014

My Reflections on Smart Phones

I was once seated at a restaurant next to an older couple.  They ate their dinner in silence, as though the other was not there.  They apparently had noting to say to one another.

This is what came to mind when my co-author Walter recently wrote about the reflections on a smart phone.  It never occurred to me that a couple seeing each other for the first time in who-knows-how-long would know that nothing life changing has happened in the interim.  If it had, he or she would have texted.

Perhaps the reason my experiences differ is because i move through life more independently.  I do not begrudge the anticipation lost by having my curiosity satisfied more often, and can't imagine doing so.  It may be a failure of imagination on my part.

When smart phones first became available i wanted one.  I did have a good reason: it was new and shinny.  I did not buy one, but i did buy an ipod touch to complement my dumb phone, and later complemented the pair with a 4G hot spot.  It was economical, and the three devices provided me with much of the same functionality.  Now that prices have come down enough to get a cell plan with voice, text, and data for $30, i finally upgraded to a smart phone a year ago.

I remember the days when i often didn't know something, and had to accept that the answer was not within reach, and wouldn't be any time soon.  Those days are behind most of us.  When i was young, less than 1% of the world's population owned a computer.  Now more than 90% have one in our pockets.  The impact of that will be profound and unpredictable.

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