Monday, August 18, 2014

Artistic Attempt, Take Four

In my quest to find an artistic talent i have tried music, writing, and drawing.  I found i can be a lack luster writer with no additional practice needed, so it is something i should stick with.  Drawing is doable, and worth the effort.  Music turned out to be something i have no natural talent at.

My newest effort is sculpting.  I did a little in high school, and remembered it coming naturally to me.  Looking back, i don't know why i didn't stick with it.  Recently i met some people at Convergence who are into Ball Jointed Dolls.  None of them made them, but they did make clothes, and accessories.  It is also popular for them to customize commercially available dolls by repainting and doing minor sculpting with fine sandpaper.

I'm just getting into this, and a high end doll would be kind of a leap.  I decided to buy Super Sculpey, which is the proper material for this sort of thing, and make something simpler like a figurine or a mask.

I haven't actually started yet, and it's possible that when i do, i'll be inspired by something completely different.  Otherwise, i have been playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2, and i'm leaning toward making a figurine from that.

My plan is to make a 'cutesy' version, with less detail.  When I'm done, I'm thinking of coloring with soft pastels, and then using a clear coat.  Whatever i end up making, i promise to follow up, and post it here, no mater how bad.

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