Friday, July 25, 2014

How to Feed Myself

For eight weeks i've been on this unbelievable 1,800 calorie diet.  Okay, maybe it is believable, but it has been quite a challenge for me.  I used to eat whatever i wanted, an i wanted around 3,000 calories a day.  Just going from no limit to a limit has been the hardest part.

The 3,000 is just an estimate.  I wasn't counting then, but i am counting now using a popular app called "myfitnesspal".  One of it's better features is its popularity.  I can almost always find the food i'm looking for if it came from a chain restaurant or a prepackaged item because it only takes one user to add it for everyone.  Other features i enjoy are the ability to scan food items with bar codes, and the ability to factor in exercise so i can go off of net calories.

It thinks that i burn about 2380 calories from normal daily activity.  Then i factor in the time i spend walking, and the app automatically adds those to the daily limit.  So most days i'm actually eating around 2380, i'm just walking some of it off.

Does it work?  The short answer is 'Yes'.

The long answer involves math.  I began at a weight of 214 pounds, and set the app to lose a pound a week.  It believes that to equate to a weekly 3,500 calorie deficit.  I've been on it for seven weeks, and five days, so i should have lost 7.71 pounds if i stuck to the diet.  I have, and actually ran a calorie deficit equal to 8.11 pounds so far.  The scale does reflect this.

It's not a quick fix, but it does work.  With eight weeks down, and only thirty more to go...  i think i need a cookie.

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