Saturday, July 12, 2014

CONvergence 2014

Convergence 2014 is over, and i thoroughly enjoyed myself as usual.  I treat it as a vacation, because it definitely is that.  I used three days of vacation time, and spent about four hundred and fifty dollars.  That's a little more than a hundred dollars a day, which I think is very reasonable for a vacation.  I could actually have saved a little more if i took more advantage of the free food, snacks, and beverages at Convergence, but it can be kind of a hassle.  Plus i don't like feeling like a freegan.

Some of the things i liked.

Meeting people who share my interests.
   The Honor Harrington fan club was a huge surprise this year.

Learning about obscure interests that i don't already share.
   Things like Ball Jointed Dolls, and Arduos for example.

Hearing from experts in subjects that interest me.
   Things like cover design, and mythology.

The vast insight into the writing process, and writing community.
   So many writers, editors, and even storyboard artists speak there.

Getting to wear a fun costume.
  I love the creativity of planning it, and the reactions i get.

Seeing all the costumes of other people, and the freedom that gives them.
  One girl dressed as a cat in a bikini and body paint, and ran around on all fours all weekend.

The complete break from my normal life.
   It's so far from my everyday life, it's just so fun.

Things i didn't like so much.

The hassle that comes from the logistics of it all.
   I had to stay at another hotel, and carry around a heavy bag the first and last day.

Unnecessary schedule conflicts.
   They often schedule panels of similar interests at the same time.

The heat.
   It's always on the hottest days of the year, and the hotel can't handle all the body heat.

Too much focus on trying to be "inclusive".
   Almost all of us there very inclusive, so it always feels like a waste of time, and an unnecessary lecture.

Getting a hotel room next year will definitely resolve any logistics issues.  Even if i don't, i've decided to volunteer next year, which will assure that i get one the year after.  I've also decided to plan on eating at the hotel restaurant often next year to simplify things.

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