Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Chapel in St Paul and a Church at an Abbey in Collegeville

 As I have done many times before,
I am promoting the website of my friend, and self-professed Catholic Geek, Travis. I am providing pictures of churches and cathedrals that he is featuring on his site. Next time I will provide one additional preview and a link to his site, where you can completely explore his image collection.

Nave and Sanctuary
  Our Lady of Victory Chapel

St Catherine University
Saint Paul, MN

The knave and sanctuary exhibit exceptional medieval simplicity. Subtle ornament in the capitals of the columns almost go unnoticed but erupt in symbolism once observed. What little color is used immediately draws attention due to the “blank canvas” of the stone walls.

One of the largest stained glass walls in the world, these four hundred thirty hexagons are sixty feet high and one hundred sixty eight feet wide.

Stained glass wallThree stories Tall 
 Church of
Saint John the Baptist

Saint John’s Abbey
Collegeville, MN

If you get a chance, stop by one  or both of these. One is in Saint Paul and the other just up I-94 a "piece."
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