Monday, June 16, 2014

Gold - Round #2, Fight!

And the results are in.  My ring weighed about 17 grams with the stone, and about 17 grams without.  The stone is surprisingly light, and beautiful.  Now that I have the stone out, I'm happier than ever that I decided to sell it.  I realize that the stone has all of the sentimental value that he ring did.

As for The Gold Guys?  Well, it turns out that they were not underestimating the weight, they were underestimating my intelligence, and only offering 55% of the value of the gold.

55% is far too low, and I came back to tell the man so.  He then agreed to pay 75%.  My research tells me that that's not terrible.  Melting down scrap gold must cost more than I thought, because those prices are what I find everywhere.  But when doing my research, I did find a coupon from The Gold Guys for "14% more", which would bring my total to 85.5%.

I happily brought my ring back, and asked if he was still offering 75%.  He was.  He calculated how much that gold would be worth, and I gave him the coupon for 14% more.  That's when things went down hill.

He tells me that I need to present that before he makes an offer.  I ask him how we can know what 14% more will be until after we know the price without it.  He responds that the coupon is not valid with other "deals".  I told him that, not only doesn't the coupon say that, but I was not offered another deal.  He told me that 75% was a deal, and different businesses handle coupons differently.  I couldn't agree more, since this is the first business that has refused to honor a coupon I've presented.

He then made me a new offer of 55%, and agreed to honor the coupon.  Needless to say, I did't sell my ring.

I did email the company, who assured me that this was not their policy... until she found out he had offered 75%.  Then she agreed that that was a deal, and the coupon can't be used with any other deal.

She did however tell me that they wouldn't make any profit off that price, which I believe is true.  She also offered 80%, with is better than I find other places.

In the mean time, the price of gold has gone up about 4%, and continues to rise.  Not too surprising, since a friend 'in the know' gave me a tip it would.  I'll hold onto it for a month, and if her offer is still valid then, I think I'll take it.

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