Tuesday, May 27, 2014

More Churches ...

 As I have done several times recently
I am again promoting the upcoming website of my friend, and self-professed Catholic Geek, Travis. I am previewing pictures of churches and cathedrals that he is going to be featuring on his site. This time it's a second view of a church local to the Twin Cities and a view of one near Fargo, ND.

Church of Saint Thomas More

( p.k.a. Church of Saint Luke )
Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN

The high altar depicts the Calvary scene with Virgin and Beloved Disciple attending. Other saints – notably Saint Luke – circle the stone nave. Fossilized shells can be seen in the stone quarried for the sanctuary.
( See April's post to see this church's apse. )

The birds drink from the font of eternal life, Christ, depicted as a stylized Chi Rho -- P with superimposed X.

Lintel of Main Door
St Mary of the Presentation
Breckenridge, MN

If you get a chance, even if you're not into churches but, perhaps, "just" art or "just " architecture, stop by one  or both of these. ( Perhaps on your way to the oil fields in North Dakota. )
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