Tuesday, April 8, 2014


"I now pronounce you dead as a door-nail. Goodbye good friend."

No, please, don't get out the mourning materials and sympathy card for me ... although I do appreciate the thoughts. What died is my computer; suddenly; unexpectedly; without warning. I had another computer "death," about which I recently wrote ( see http://www.inkfounta.in/2013/08/techie-writer-writer-techie_21.html ), but that was slow, gradual, and the computer never did actually die. I replaced it before it had the chance ... so if I could not find important files it was because I was careless ( or, perhaps, better, "stupid;" you decide ); the computer still lived when I replaced it. This time I had no warning, and I was dependent on the backup regimen that every good techie has.

As of this moment, my replacement computer has been in my hands for a day less than two weeks and I was on retreat ( about which I'll likely write in a future post ) for three-plus days after receiving the computer. We also replaced my wife's computer, I am the senior techie in our house and responsible for such things, so I am still recovering.

I had a good backup regimen in place ( like every good techie ), so I recovered almost all my data. But, there are many little, free utilities that I had installed to make my life easier. It seems like every time I try to do something else, I realize I am missing one of these. Finding, downloading and installing has taken a chunk out of my productivity and the edge off my generally positive attitude. 

And that, friends, is ( at least in part ) why you are reading about my technical travail rather than, for example, my silent, preached, retreat at a Jesuit retreat facility near here. 
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