Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Oh, How I Admire Her

She and I‘ve shared a life
Lo, these many days …
Months … years.

She’d encourage;
She’d challenge me;
Sometimes she’d challenge
when I was not in the mood
But she was not deterred.
Perhaps especially when I was not in the mood,
Knowing, no doubt,
That’s when I really needed it.

She always knew more
Than she had any business knowing.
How was that?

I’d wonder, “How’d she know that?”
“An old soul,” a friend of hers said.
Spiritual insight.

It was scary;
I got used to it.

And she lives for others
Giving freely what she can
Always caring.

A saint, you think?
I dunno.
She is my helpmate,
My friend for life,
My wife.

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