Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cathedrals and Churches IV

 As I have done several times recently
this week I am promoting the upcoming website of my friend, and self-professed Catholic Geek, Travis by previewing pictures of churches and cathedrals that he is going to be featuring on his site. This time it's two churches local to the Twin Cities.

Church of Saint Charles Borromeo
St Anthony, MN

This large but simple worship space is crowned by a vast dome lit by eight sets of three lightly colored windows. The lack of ornament accentuates the simple and evocative power of color.

This mural rests above an elegant stone high altar and statuary scene. The nave is exceptionally narrow – focusing one’s attention immediately on this image.

Mural of Christ
Church of Saint Thomas More
( p.k.a. Church of Saint Luke )
Summit Avenue
Saint Paul, MN

If you get a chance, even if you're not into churches but, perhaps, "just" art or architecture, stop by one  or both of these.
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