Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Two Poetic Versions / Same Incident

I am torn between two versions of a poem that describe the same experience. I ask for your comments. Both versions bear the same title. 

Does your Left Brain know what Your Right Brain is Doing?

I saw the item in an email,
"spend time with poems"
The entire idea was seductive,
but I resisted:
Too soon, not ready.
I registered.

Upon arriving I experienced
Among other things
Being a gender minority of One.
A Lone.

I met this challenge with
my best testosterone based humorous mojo
which both shamed me and made me proud.

That out of the way, however,
The super majority was, well, super:
It erupted in raucous,
and quite possibly salacious,
and then

It accepted me and all of us
went about our business ...
Learning about and experiencing
Poetry and each other.

It was in an email,
"spend time with poems"
“I write poetry!”
Resistance and excuses:
“Too soon, not ready.”

“I’m a gender minority of One.

Response: Testosterone based humorous mojo.
Shaming me and making me proud.

The supermajority
Erupted in raucous,
perhaps salacious,
laughter; and then …

Acceptance, our business.
Learning, experiencing.
Poetry, one another.

I am eager to hear from you. Please.
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