Monday, March 3, 2014

Continued Misadventures

Last night I went to move the car I've been trying to trade in... and it didn't start.

Okay.  Fine.  Let's get a jump,  and drive it three blocks to the place that wants to give me $350 for parts.  Now you may not know this,  but the designers of the oldsmobile cutlass supreme thought it would be a good idea to put the battery under the windshield washer fluid.  Well I couldn't get it jumped.  The possibility of getting a friend to pull it didn't pan out either.

This morning I was able to arrange to sell it as a junker for $250, which will almost cover the cost of the two tickets for expired tabs I've gotten since this whole adventure started.

When I'm done, I walk out the door feeling surprisingly good.  The situation sucks, but it's finally over.  As I pass in car that will be leaving my life tomorrow morning I notice one more ticket.  Something tells me in adventure is not yet over.

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