Sunday, February 23, 2014

What if I Did?

I only write because I enjoy writing, and I don't generally enjoy writing about reality.  That's why I planned to ignore the writing prompt Walter and myself were given to write about our best guess of the events in our parents life that lead to our conception.  I did however remember a story told by both my mother and father that took place shortly after, and decided I did want to write that.  So here it is.


Waiting in line at the border crossing, she was relieved their day trip was coming to an end.  Was it really just a day?  She was still getting to know her new husband, and finding out that many of the ridiculous things he said weren't just the drugs talking.  She was seeing the world with more clarity then she would have liked, having herself given them up for the pregnancy.

"That's too bad," she said realizing his story had come to a brief halt, waiting for acknowledgement that she was listening.  She wasn't, but had heard this story before.  The fact that she didn't believe his version of events became a moot point several retellings ago.

The car rolled forward, and she spared a glance at the ashtray.  Relief that the trip was coming to an end warred with her nervousness about the pipe inside.  That was the real reason he invited her on the day trip to Canada; pot was cheap here.  She'd have been using it with him if she could, but it still irked her that the fool thought he was going to bring some back with his pregnant wife in the car.  Or maybe because his pregnant wife was in the car?  She shook her head, glancing again to the pull out ashtray…

"Dink, dink," her train of thought broken by a man in uniform tapping on the driver side window.  "Hello," her husband greeted in a friendly tone as he rolled down the window, the knot in her stomach relaxing just a little.

One thing she knew for sure was that their feelings toward the authorities were very different.  She believed that they were mostly decent people, with more power than she was comfortable being around.  He, on the other hand, thought they were all crooked.  If she could count on anything, it was a fake smile that would quickly have them on their way.

"Is everyone in the car a U.S. Citizen?" he began without any preamble.
"Anything to declare?"
"How long was your stay?"
"Oh, a few hours; maybe four."
"Do you have any fruits or vegetables with you?"
"Do you have any illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia?"

There was a pause, long enough to cause her to look over at him, knot tightening.

"What if I did?"

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