Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Before I was Born ...

Our current writing instructor gave us this homework in Class 2; "Write a story about what you imagine, or know, your mother and father's life was like before you were conceived. Include dialogue and a turn of events in your parents' lives which could have occurred to clear the way for your conception." I chose to write a poem, calling it, "I was just a Glint in Dad’s Eye."

“Mom … I’m four years younger than your marriage?”

“Artificial birth control.”

Just married,
Mom and Dad
lived with Dad’s parents.

“Mom thinks we should move in.”
“Not in my dream marriage.”
“Mom thinks we should … “
“We can afford our own place;
You know we can.”
“Mom thinks we should … “
“It doesn’t feel good to me.”
“We can buy our own
sooner that way;
we save more … besides
Mom thinks we should.”
“Well … I suppose.”

“Mom thinks we should … “
 … “Well, I suppose.”

“Move in with them”
“Spend Thanksgiving with her”
( and Christmas … and … )
Go out Less
“Go to church more”
“Come in earlier when we do go out
“Spend less on clothes”
“Get better paying jobs”
“Get a better, maybe new, automobile”

Finally …

“Start a family”

Black clouds
      molten words

“What … did … you … tell … her?”

A half guilty grin;
a “Who me?” look;
used frequently,
applied deliberately.

Mom loved
Mom hated
that look.
Dad knew.

“A lie; we’re trying.”

She flew at him;
desperate, angry,
grateful, passionate,
both of them nearly
forgetting the
artificial birth control.

Life changed then.

Mom wanted power
over everyone, anyone,
like Grandma wielded
over Dad.
They worked harder,
   saved more deliberately,
      and quit using artificial birth control.

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