Monday, January 27, 2014

Snow Cold Day

Today Walter and I were to start a class, but it was called on account of "extreme cold weather".  That's probably for the best.  Both Walter and I agree that we wouldn't be leaving the house if it weren't for class.

Instead I listened to another episode of Packing Heat.  That's the podcast about writing that I promised to review months ago.  To my embarrassment, I'm still only on the eighth episode.

The last episode I had listened to before my long hiatus directed listeners to the story idea generator at Seventh Sanctum.  I have found that to be very useful, along with the name generator.  I have never just took an idea or name, and used it as is.  It generates several, and I've mixed and matched.

So far the podcast has not been too adult themed, and almost all of her advice would relate to any writing style.  I do wonder how pricing your work would be different, but I'm not really there yet myself anyways.  The most graphic thing I remember her mentioning so far was when she was talking about specific vocabulary to use, and what to avoid.  I would still probably be embarrassed if the other people on the bus heard me listening to it.

She talks about writing goals in the range of 700-1,000 words a day.  What's interesting is that, although she's not still producing the podcast, she does have a note up saying that she now finds around 400 words per day more realistic, and useful.

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