Monday, January 20, 2014

Continued Adventures in Transportation

Day 1
I was pretty miserable; not because I was taking the bus, but because I was not prepared for it. I was not equipped for standing outside in -15° weather. I was not yet familiar with the bus routes, and schedules. This required me to be very early wherever I went to be sure to be on time. It also caused longer layovers than necessary. There was also the small hassle of keeping change on hand.

On the brighter side, I did know what to expect. I also retained the skill prevent myself from sleeping past my stop if I fell asleep.

Day 4
I was finally able to buy some appropriate winter wear. I also got a bus pass. I had become much more familiar with my routs. Over all, things were going much more smoothly.

Day 5
The coldest day in years; -50° with the windchill. And I was... indoors. My work was nice enough to finally set me up to work from home in case of emergency.

It was above freezing, and I didn't mind taking the bus at all. I don't expect to see those temperatures until spring, but I can be sure now that I made the right decision to take the bus this spring, summer, and fall. I'll spend that time getting my duck in a row before rushing off to buy another vehicle.

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