Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cold ... It's Freakin' Cold Outside

It’s cold these days. Dangerously cold. Schools throughout the metro region and state are closed as the wind-chill temperatures are certainly capable of severe frostbite and are potentially lethal as well. Ellie and I hunker down, making sure we don’t stick our noses into the weather any more than absolutely necessary … to get the newspaper from our stoop, to make sure no mail is sticking out that would not fit down our mail chute, to make sure our garbage and recycling carts are properly positioned for their respective pickups the next morning. We’re not exactly afraid of this weather ( not exactly ) but if there is no reason to go out, let’s just not.

Mid Wednesday-morning I get an email that the Pathways event scheduled for Thursday night is cancelled; “when the schools are closed, the Basilica closes, too,” is the communication. This is a program I help schedule volunteers for, so I get involved in making sure the communication of the closure is communicated to all those scheduled for the evening. This is successful.

Monday is again brutally cold ( following, please note, a reasonable weekend of weather; Saturday the highs were in the high twenties and Sunday the temperatures were above zero all day ); schools are closed, and, so I assume, is the Basilica. The school district’s closure meant Benjamin and I miss our first evening of this quarter’s class, “Making a Writing Life.” Tuesday is even colder, so, of course, schools remain closed. As does the Basilica … I get a text message from Travis telling me so.

I have missed the window of opportunity for my weekly Basilica inspections … Travis’s days off, Monday and Tuesday. As I consider my days ahead … with forecast high temperatures remaining above zero … I realize I have no intention of going to the Basilica to do the inspections this week. My assumption has been that, failing to get the report submitted before Travis comes to work on Wednesday is grounds for not submitting it at all. “Is this reasonable?” I wonder.

I write to him to ask.
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