Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas is for Everyone

I recently found out that my friend who teaches at a public high school is indecisive about the separation between church and state. It took her a couple of moments, but she was clearly pleased that she thought of a good example of when it's appropriate to combine the two; Christmas. When I told her that Christmas was not religious, she didn't want to hear it. Maybe you guys will.

Christmas predates Christianity.
Obviously they didn't call it Christmas, but other folks did celebrate that time of year before Christians came along. Plus there's no reason to believe Jesus was born at that time of year, even if there was a Jesus.

Christmas is a national holiday.
If Christians wanted to keep it to themselves, they shouldn't have shared it with the whole nation. Plenty of Non-Christians celebrate Christmas in a Non-Christian way.

Most Christians celebrate Christmas in a Non-Christian way.
That one might take some explaining. What I'm saying is that the way I see Christians celebrate Christmas seems unrelated to their religion, and in some cases, in direct conflict.

It seems to me that a Christian's home is ten times more likely to be decorated with a figure of Santa than a figure of Jesus. Santa is the guy you teach kids to pray to for gifts, and then grants these prayers based on his constant supernatural observation. If you think I'm being overly offensive, please remember the word prayer is not reserved for communication with a deity.

I think Christmas trees are more popular than both Santa and Nativity Scenes put together, and the bible uses a Christmas tree as an example of what not to do.

For most people, Christmas is about family and gift giving. How does that honor a guy who was against family, and material possessions? (References available upon request)

Yes, for some people religion is the primary focus of Christmas. I'm glad they enjoy that, and I'm glad that they're free to celebrate Christmas their way. I'm just saying I'm celebrating it my way, and for a change, I'm actually in the majority on this one. Oh, and Christmas is for everyone.

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