Monday, November 4, 2013

PC Gaming

I've always enjoyed playing console games, but I recently bought a gaming PC because of Skyrim.  Well, it may not be the only reason, but it's a big one.  Generally it's been my habit to become obsessed with one game for a month or so every year; sometimes twice a year.  Hopefully it will be winter.  I'll play it to death, and then go back to the world of sunshine, and human interaction.  A couple of years ago it was Skyrim, and after more than a hundred hours I had barely scratched the surface.  I realized that for the first time, I wanted to play on the PC for two reasons.

The first is the command console.  If there's a bug, the console can fix it.  For example, one time I had an item that I couldn't remove from my inventory.  On the PC, I could just manually tell the game to remove it from my inventory.  Sometimes I ran into problems, that weren't exactly glitches.  Like if a non-essential character died accidentally, and it interfered with game play.  I could enter commands to fix that too.

The second reason is that this game is heavily 'modded'.  By which I mean people made modifications that can be installed to change the game.  The result is that, not only is the game more fun, and have more options, but it keeps the two year old game current.  For example, non-essential characters sometimes died because of a dragon attack, because the fools tried to fight dragons.  Someone made a mod that makes them run and hide.  That makes much more since, and it makes it a funner game.  There's even mods that update the graphics, or just completely change the look of different elements.

The thing that surprised me is that I haven't even needed to fix glitches, because people make modes that fix those too.  They're unofficial patches.  We'll see what the future brings, but I think I'm done with console games.

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