Monday, November 18, 2013

10 Things I Disagree with the Wall Street Journal About

The Wall Street Journal just wrote an article called 10 Things E-Cigarettes Won't Tell You.  Now I was never a smoker, but I have enjoyed using a vaporizer.  I use it without nicotine, but I'm sure it's more enjoyable with nicotine.  Even without, it's relaxing, tastes good, and is calorie free.  I think you'd need a good reason to be down on these, but many people are with no good reason.

The Wall Street Journal article was entirely negative, and I feel the need to respond.

1 "We're Big Tobacco in disguise."
Ridiculous.  Yes, tobacco companies are trying to get into the market, just like they sell Nicorette gum, and the patches.  They seem to be selling high priced disposable models to people who don't know better.  They're definitely not the only game in town, and they never will be because it can be mixed yourself for pennies.

2 "We can't promise this won't kill you."
They go on to say that there haven't been any long term studies, and that no one will give you a written guaranty.  Well, duh.  You can't have a long term study on something that hasn't been around for a long time.  As for the written guaranty, that's just the state of our legal system.  You can't go around guaranteeing things, or you're going to get sued.

3 "This probably isn't the best way to quit smoking."
It's clear they don't consider someone who switched from smoking to a vaporizer to have "quit smoking".  Do I need to say more?

4 "We're advertising like it's 1960—while we still can."
By which they mean that vaporizer sellers are advertising the same way that everyone else does.  That is, everyone except for cigarette companies who have been banned from many types of advertisement.  They also complain that, "You won't see a Surgeon General's warning on e-cig packages."  That might be because the surgeon general doesn't warn against them.

5 "We defy categorization."
They complain here that people who make vaporizer supplies don't want them to be categorized as tobacco products.  Well, they're not tobacco products, so...

6 "We're cheaper than cigarettes because we aren't taxed like cigarettes."
They're saying the taxes are coming.  This can't happen.  The ingredients in the liquid you vaporize are cheap, and used in many other things.  If the nanny state tried to impose impossibly high taxes like they do to cigarettes, more people will just mix it themselves from stuff they can buy at any drugstore.

7 "Kids love us."
They're not saying kids use them more than adults, or even more than cigarettes.  They're just saying kids are trying them like anything else they're not supposed to have.

8 "We're bringing smoking back indoors…"
They're not binging 'smoking' back indoors.  Smoking creates secondhand smoke, which is harmful and smells bad.  Vaporizers don't do either.

9 "…and back into aircraft."
That is banned, and for no apparent reason.

10 "E-joints and e-crackpipes are the new e-cig."
Here they claim that "some users" claim that you can "easily vaporize a liquid form of marijuana."  The truth is that the THC that can be extracted from marijuana and taken in pill form is sold in other countries for use in vaporizers.  It's not something you can extract in your basement, and it's not any more available or transportable than the pills.  They might be confused by the kind of vaporizer that can vaporize plant material like marijuana, but that's not the kind of vaporizer we're talking about.  Even if it does come true someday, I don't see that as a reason to blame the vaporizer.  That's like outlawing paper because it can be used to smoke drugs.

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