Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Techie - Writer / Writer - Techie

I am both a techie and a writer ... and these intersected for me in the last week.


My faithful computer crapped out. It had warned me ( faithful as it was ) of this impending doom several times. Bravely ( or, perhaps, foolishly, you decide ) I ignored these warnings.

On one occasion it went into this 'crap out' mode immediately upon completion of the desktop after a restart from being in this mode. This scared me, but I tried another restart and all was normal once again.

Benjamin said, "You've got to do something about your computer." He had found a seller of refurbished computers ( of which he had already purchased more than one ) for a very reasonable cost. And nice machines. He and I went there, and I brought one home. This time into office, my old computer was in Blue-Screen-of-Death mode.

I immediately disconnected my old computer, connected the new one, and got to work figuring out what to do next. And I began what has become, for me, another lengthy process of enjoying the techie experience.

  • I needed to learn this new PC’s operating system
    ( Win7 ).
  • I needed to set up Office 2010 for the way I like to work.
  • I had to dig through backups, created 3 different ways, with some overlap in what was backed up.
  • I had to download and install many little utilities that I had made nearly indispensable to how I work.

We techies live for this sort of thing; I was deeply involved and loving it.


My time to post came up and I wasn't ready. I was enjoying the effort to “make the computer in my image,” and simultaneously use it for some of my other activities, and I wasn’t ready. Not only was I not ready to post, I didn’t have anything I was working on.

“What about the story of my new computer?” I wondered. “Would that make a good story?”

So there you have it … the excuse for my late post this week and the story of my new computer. They are one and the same.

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