Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Walter Enjoys being a Techie

The techie in me is really pretty excited about the Windows 7 operating system:
  1. I can speak to it
    • I can command it to do what I want at both the interface and application levels
    • I can dictate to it and it creates editable text
  2. I can “pin” to the Task Bar
    • Applications, so they’re always just a click away, whether running or not … and in the same location ( i.e., “pinned” to the Task Bar )
    • Data files for the applications that are pinned can be pinned to the application – a right click on the application provides single click access to frequently used files
    • The pinned application, when right clicked, provides a long – at least 15 items – recently used file list for just that application
  3. I downloaded and installed a utility that enabled me to move application icons around on the Windows XP Task Bar and system tray; built into Windows 7
  4. I downloaded and installed a utility that enabled me to move applications to the corner of the Windows XP screen via the keyboard; built into Windows 7
  5. I downloaded and installed a utility that enabled me to start applications with simple key presses. The search function in Windows 7 is at least as good
  6. In various versions of all operating systems, I had frequently ( when looking for one of them ) wanted my data files organized by type ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint ) rather than by my used for creation ( Home expenses, Business Expenses, templates, letters, blog posts, poems, … ). The Library function in Windows 7 provides something like this possibility — I am still learning about this, but it’s exciting.
I continue to use my computer for much of my work while simultaneously I try to learn about the features of Windows 7 ( to say nothing of learning about Office 2010, compared to 2003 on my recently departed machine ). It’s slow, but the techie in me still loves it.

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