Sunday, August 25, 2013

MN State Fair

Minnesota has a pretty amazing state fair, with permanent fair grounds.  Why we only use them a couple of week a year is a mystery to me.  I'm pretty sure I could go everyday for the entire fair if cost wasn't a factor.  Also my waist line, because the number one reason for me to go is the food.

The only thing new I tried are the,
Portobello Bites
They are marinated in wine, grilled, and served on toast with shredded parmesan and herbs.  They will be making an appearance in my belly next year.

Other than that, I had to save room for the Classics:

Deep Fried Candy Bar
This is a candy bar, dipped in mini-doughnut batter, deep fried, and rolled in powdered sugar.  Bring milk.

Tom Thumb Mini-Doughnuts
Very tasty, but I skip them in lieu of the deep fried candy bar.  I can't handle both, but if your going multiple days, get this.

Foot Long Hot Dog
They make amazing skin on beef hot dogs, with fried yellow onions.  Make sure you go to the white booths, because there are imitations.

Corn Dog
This is important, but again, I can't do a foot long and a corn dog.  I'm not even sure which ones are the good ones.  I'll need to research for next year.

1919 Root Beer Float
Now you could get this any time of year, but you don't.  So go buy one now.

Salad on a Stick
It was new last year I think.  This is a very good salad, but in hindsight it's not worth the stomach space or fair prices.  I'm taking it off the list for next year.

Deep Fried Slider
This is not so much a slider, but a good hamburger.  Then they batter and deep fry it.

Deep Fried Cauliflower
I didn't get them this year.  Last year they weren't serving the chilled marinara sauce.  The sauce is critical, so I wouldn't order it if they don't have both.

Did I forget anything important?

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