Friday, August 30, 2013


As we mentioned before, Walter and myself enjoy playing the game Go.  If you haven't heard of it, it's probably because it's much more popular in Asia then the United States.
If you are from Asia, and still haven't heard of it, it's probably because you folks call it igo, baduk, or weiqi.

Traditionally it is played on a nineteen line board called a Goban.  Walter and I like to play the less common thirteen line board for time purposes.  The problem is, no one makes nice thirteen line boards, and if they did, I probably couldn't afford it.  So I'm making one.

I'm looking for the finished product to use, not bragging rights.  Any corners that I can cut, I will.  I started by looking at cutting boards.  I found many that would suffice, but I kept at it.  Eventually I found the perfect board.  It is 1' by 1', which is just big enough to hold the grid.  It even has legs.  I couldn't believe my luck.

Drawing the grid in pencil was easy enough.  I might have a couple of extra lines to fix up, but I'm confident they will come right off with some soap, water, and possibly a magic eraser.

Then another stroke of luck.  TheDuddha2, a Go related Youtube channel, started making his own Goban.  I like him, because he's warts-and-all.  He's not perfect, and doesn't pretend to be.  He did some experimenting, and I got some good ideas watching.  He tried a wood burner, which I was considering.  He confirmed my fear that it is hard to make the lines consistent.  It might be good for a rustic looking board, but not for me.

He eventually made his lines using a knife, and did a decent job.  I was thinking along these lines as well.  I suspect, but haven't confirmed yet, that this is the perfect tool. 
It's a Tungsten Carbide Scriber made for metal and glass.  I'm pretty sure it can handle some Oak. This tool puts all the presser on one fine point allowing for maximum control.  I'll let you guys know how it goes.

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