Thursday, July 4, 2013

CONvergence Thursday

I'm blogging to you live from CONvergence 2013.  I'm about to start my last panel of the day.  It starts at 11:30pm, and it is another writing panel.

So what did I learn the first day?  Not too much.  The first day is a half day, and some of it was spent at an opening announcement type event.

I did attend a nice discussion about plot.  It had two professional screenwriters.  There was some good info.

One suggestion was to use index cards or postits on a board for structure.  This wasn't new to me, but it's nice to hear the professionals use it too.  They also recommended two programs for doing that on the computer; scribner, and contour.

The other was about pacing.  One suggested finding the pace of something you like by counting plot points per minute or per page.  Then you would try that, and see how it works for your book.

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  1. Thank you, Benjamin.

    I must start organizing my essays into chapters and think that the page pacing technique would help me in organization.

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    Warm Regards,
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