Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Take on the Not Guilty Verdict of George Zimmerman

I feel the need to respond to Walter's post.  I would recommend reading that first if you have not already.

First let me correct some facts:

1. George Zimmerman was not the only eyewitness to the events.  Jonathan Good was also an eyewitness.
2. George Zimmerman is not white.
3. We don't know that George Zimmerman identified Trayvon Marton as a possible thief because he is racist.
4. We do know that Trayvon Marton was a thief.
5. We do know that Trayvon Marton was racist.

As for my opinion:

1. I honestly don't understand what relevance the 911 operator's opinion has.
2. Carrying a gun is not a threat.  I sleep with a loaded handgun by my pillow.  It's called smart.
3. George Zimmerman seems like the kind of guy who blames the rape victim???
4. I believe the only reason this even went to trial is because some people used the media to trick other people into demanding the trial. The NBC doctored tape is the best example I'm aware of.
5. I believe that assuming George Zimmerman acted out of racism is racist.  I see no evidence of that.
6. I believe confronting someone who appears to be up to no good is a good deed.
7. I believe bringing a gun when confronting someone who appears to be up to no good is smart.
8. I do not believe Trayvon Marton deserved to die.
9. I do believe people deserve to defend themselves.

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