Saturday, June 29, 2013

Quick Update

I promised you...

an update on the Memoir class Walter and I are taking through Minneapolis Community Education.  It's halfway done, and a good time to start judging. :-)

The teacher is very pleasant and supportive.  I don't know that she brings a lot of helpful input to the class.  I'm not interested in Memoir, so there is a chance she has given some insight that I didn't identify.

She is open to suggestion.  She's one of those teachers who likes to give us time to write in class, and I find that a huge waste of time.  We have all week to do that.  The students let her know that we're more interested in things like sharing our work, and she is listening.

The students this time around are an unusual mix.  They're mostly women, and all very committed.  A few joined the class specifically to tell a story that has happened to them.

I also promised you...

an update about CONvergence.  The full schedule is out.  Not a lot more writing related things have been added.  Mostly they just filled in the main stage events, and live music, and such.  A lot of the schedule is tagged now, so the list of writing related events I posted earlier might not be as helpful.

That's all for now.  I'll try to make a post every day of the convention.   It starts this Thursday, and runs through Sunday.

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