Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Poetry Delayed

It's "my" turn to publish. As I was getting ready ( thinking about my topic, which was poetry; my subject , which was either my retirement or the serious illness of a dear elderly friend of mine and my spouse's; what I might say about each ) to put the material together a very spirited summer cold caught up with me and loosed all the steam in my engine.

I went from a human being excited about his poetry to a fetally-positioned adult under the covers in bed waiting for the thermal cycle to change. Now too hot, remove long sleeved top and blanket; now too cold, replace long sleeved top and blanket; now too hot ... .

Oh., and don't forget to cough. The coughing, which did not cause pain in my throat or chest, seemed to be almost continuous, and brought its own discomfort, each cough causing pain somewhere on my skull. The only way I could get relief from that was to be upright. That slowed the coughing quite a bit while making getting sleep difficult.

That has passed and I am pretty sure I am going to recover now. So I will have a poem to post next week.

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