Tuesday, June 18, 2013

May Poetry Make Your Days a Little Lighter

One of the ways I would like to add light to our days is via poetry ... with the poetry treating both some light content and some more serious material.

For the more serious material, I may include
thoughts ( mine or others ) about current events, or our popular culture. My life's events include encounters that are both  lighter and more serious in nature, and I hope to address both, some in poetic form.

When "waxing poetic," I envision treating this material in various ways ... free form poetic verse as well as the better-defined forms of haiku and limerick. The more serious the content the less likely to be treated in either of the latter forms.

Girl from Nantucket
Her shoe stuck in a bucket
... Baref 't out she stuck it. 
copyright Walter R. Jost

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